Microsoft Learn — Reinvents the way of learning

Radu Vunvulea
2 min readOct 5, 2022

The learning journey for Microsoft technologies was consolidated in one story — Microsoft Learn. The consolidation of all learning resources, certification paths, events and community in one place provides a central location from where we can learn and develop our skills.

Four main pillars are provided by Microsoft Learn:

  • Discover new ways to use technology — See how to apply Microsoft technology to achieve your goals and reach your potential.
  • Learn by doing — Learn by doing through interactive learning experiences and technical resources that help you build skills and solve problems.
  • Showcase your skills — Advance in your field by earning certifications and completing challenges that demonstrate your expertise.
  • Connect with the community — Engage with other learners for inspiration, resources, and networking.

Remember that all resources are provided for free and cover not only fundamental knowledge but also the specialization and advanced level.

When should you use Microsoft Learn?

It is the perfect starting place if you want to learn new Microsoft technologies or you want to improve your current expertise. The full learning path for certification is provided by the platform, including interactive free labs (hands-on) and online training. The ability to connect with the community and learn from their experience is priceless.

What kind of materials are available?

The short answer is: the full spectrum of materials. Going into more detail, you can find 6 main types of resources:

1. Certification: The learning path and materials for each certification type provided by Microsoft.

2. Training: Instructor-led and virtual or in-person courses provided by MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers and Microsoft partners covering all technologies, including Microsoft Azure.

3. Documentation: Technical documentation related to all Microsoft technologies, frameworks and tools.

4. Q&A: The Q&A platform where the community and Microsoft teams provide support.

5. Events and Shows: Video content provided by Microsoft and the community. We should consider that Shows are the video content available on the platform, and Events are live or on-demand events.

The value of Microsoft Learn

Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s assume I would like to improve my security skills related to Microsoft Azure. By searching for “Azure Security” in Microsoft Learn, you can get all the resources available, and filter them per area and products. To improve my skills, I would start to cover 2–3 security training, join security events and cover a certification path. All of this is available in one location — Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn should be one of the learning resources used by all IT specialists using Azure and Microsoft technologies.



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