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Radu Vunvulea
2 min readNov 15, 2022

The last two weeks were like a marathon. I was part of and delivered content to six conferences in the last 14 days. Three of them were in-person, so I had the opportunity to enjoy the social interaction between humans in IT (smile). I had a great of fun, and I learned a lot of new things.

I would like to share a short summary of each event:

TestCon Europe (Oct 27th, online): TestCon is one of Europe’s biggest software testing conferences, with over 2000 attendees, 4 tracks and 40 different sessions. Testing is part of our day-to-day life, and everyone in the IT industry should be aware of it. During my session, I shared my experience related to cloud testing, the tools that can facilitate testing in the cloud, and the learning and certification path for a tester on Microsoft Azure.

Peak IT 005 (Nov 3rd, online): A free online conference organised by the AgileHub community from Brasov. The three days event included sessions, workshops and panels. My talk was about cloud security, providing a list of tools that can be used to build more secure systems inside Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Factory 4.0 (Nov 8th, Bucharest): A two-day in-person conference about manufacturing and IT. It was an excellent chance to discover and understand better the manufacturing market in Romania. I shared with attendees what is Endava’s experience related to the cloud, Microsoft Azure and manufacturing.

IT Days (Nov 9th, Cluj-Napoca): At the 10th edition, IT Days has become one of the biggest conferences from Cluj-Napoca. With more than 4 stages, 60 sessions, 50 speakers and 1000 attendees, the event is one of the best opportunities to reconnect with the local IT market. The session I delivered covered cloud security and the tools that need to be part of our Software Delivery Process to build more secure solutions.

Connect.IT Timisoara | Greener & Safer Cloud Solutions (Nov 10th, Timisoara): The event took place at Iulius Congress Hall Timisoara and was organised by Endava. Sorin O. Blaga delivered a fantastic session about green software and serverless. I had the opportunity to talk about Governance and Compliance inside Microsoft Azure and how we can build a PCI-DSS solution using cloud services.

All Days DevOps | ADDO (Nov 11th, online): A 24 hours online event with 180 speakers and 6 different tracks delivered to people from 158 different countries. My session was about overengineering a cloud solution and the behind-the-scenes automation level.



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