Microsoft Ignite 2022 — Highlights

Radu Vunvulea
3 min readOct 15, 2022

Time flies fast when you enjoy what you do and the people around you. Here I am, in Munich airport, returning home from Microsoft Ignite. In this post, I would like to share the highlights and a summary of this great conference.

This week I had the fantastic opportunity to be part of Microsoft Ignite. The in-person event took place in Seattle and was the first in-person edition after 2020. The format of Microsoft Ignite shifted from a conference focused on technical sessions and Microsoft technologies to an event- riven by partners and community, where networking becomes the first class citizen. In total, there were more than 200.000 that joined the event virtually and 7500 in-person.

Microsoft Ignite is a great place to connect and discover how Microsoft technologies are used by partners and companies to shape the world where we live. During the conference, I led 3 sessions focused on Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services and application modernization using Azure PaaS.

The best way to share the highlights of Microsoft Ignite is by quoting the keynotes speakers:

  • ‘Suffice to say, we’re living in uncertain times. [But] technology is the pathway forward’ / Judson Althoff
  • ‘When it comes to doing more with less, AI is the ultimate amplifier’ / Satya Nadella
  • ‘Azure is the only cloud that supports all organizations and all workloads from enterprises to startups to highly regulated industries’ / Sathya Nadella
  • ‘Azure is the only cloud enabling highly regulated industries to bring their most sensitive applications to the cloud’ / Sathya Nadella
  • ‘The more agile you become, the more your security team struggles to assess risk. The more connected we become, the more successful an attacker can move laterally through the enterprise to their target’ / Sathya Nadella
  • ‘Organisations in every industry are turning to you and your digital capability to help them do more with less so that they can navigate this change and emerge strong. You are the change agents who make doing more with less possible less time, less cost, less complexity, with more innovation, more agility and more resilience’ / Sathya Nadella
  • ‘Organizations require a new system in order to build human, social, and knowledge capital across the entire organization’ / Sathya Nadella
  • ‘digital perseverance’ // Judson Althoff (meaning that technologies, specifically: Microsoft Azure, collaborative technologies and intelligence, will support the hybrid work era and keep businesses afloat during the pandemic
  • a new set of technologies were announced that supports business to emerge from the current challenges
  • commercial metaverse becomes part of all collaborative tools provided by Microsoft
  • Azure Arc hybrid cloud platform to run Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on Azure Stack HCI, Windows Server, Windows devices, and Windows IoT
  • Cloud Developer Platforms innovate the way of developing technical solutions with tools like Github Pilot

All technical updates and news from Microsoft Ignite are available in the ‘Book of News’, which can be downloaded for free.



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