Differences between GA, Private and Public Preview on Azure Services and Features

  • Each Azure Service and Feature is on Public or Private Preview under specific terms and conditions.
  • In most cases, Private Preview does not offer Support and the Public Preview offers limited support.
  • Sometimes a service/feature might not respect the roadmap and additional work is required. At that moment in time, it would not go in GA or can be even replaced by another service/feature.
  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Open the New blade.
  3. Enter the word preview.
  4. You will see a list of available preview features, with the word enabled next to each feature you have activated.
  5. Choose disable to turn off a preview feature.



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Radu Vunvulea

Radu Vunvulea


Technology enthusiast that runs away from stupidity and enjoy the simple life of the cloud era. Speaker, traveler and crafter, he is a wine and coffee lover